Sitemap - 2023 - Speakeasy Theology

With God There Are No Dead Ends

He is God, He is All Things

Being Ok, Feeling All the Sadnesses

Living Questions

The Metaphysics of Advent (3)

God Glorifies Himself in the Human

The Metaphysics of Advent (2)

Scripture Only Makes Sense on Sundays

Let It Be You

After Eden

The Metaphysics of Advent (1):

"You Had Better Get Nearer Rome in Some Things"

Christ Appears in Locked Rooms

Jesus Does Not Leave Us at the Altar

Why Do We Need the Saints?

Trauma, Healing, and the Life of Faith

Pentecostal Spirituality and the Sorrows of Mary

Live Not By Controversy

Imagination and Blessedness

Who Reforms the Reformers?

No Future Without Catechesis

Unawareness is the Root of All Evil

The Wounds of God: The Beginnings of a Theology of Trauma

The Wounds of God: A Theology of Trauma

Water to Wine

God Gives Us Language, Silence Gives Us God

Blessed Are Those Who Are Mourned

The Cross is the Weakness of Kings

"Now is the Son of Man Glorified"

Hope Must Be Born Again

The Resurrection of Time

Colossians (Pt 6): Lord, Deliver Us from Mastery

"Even So, Come Lord Jesus"

Colossians (Pt 5): God is Not a Master

Becoming Prayer

"Nobody Ever Drifts toward the Gospel"

Blessed Are Those Who Know How to Shout with Joy

Introducing St Mary's

"Jesus is the God Who Needs Us"

Adoring the Broken Christ

Was Christ Divided?

The Spirit of the Storm

The Communion of Saints

Thanks, news, whatnot, & etc.

We Have to Learn to Pay Attention

Where Can I Flee From Your Presence?

Like a Weaned Child with Its Mother

Jacob Have I Loved, Esau Is How I Loved Him

The Rumors of Disenchantment Are Greatly Exaggerated

Christ against Nazism and Christendom

"The Weaver-God, He Weaves"

The Sacrifice of God

Mary Crushes the Head of the Serpent

"A Direct Personal Touch of God"

How (Not) to Speak of Trauma

In Memoriam: Cormac McCarthy

"I Will Return Again to My Place"

Colossians (Pt. 4): Let the Word Dwell

Beyond First Thoughts

Jesus Christ, Explain Yourself to Me

Colossians (Pt 3): The Mystery of Christ

The Spirit Blazes in the Body of the Son

Patience with God

On Ascension

Anxiety and the Altar of the Heart

We Are Bold to Pray

Colossians (Pt 2): the Good Shepherd

Colossians (Pt 1): Starting at the End

Saints Aren't Saints While They're Alive

The News from Cleveland, TN

Spiritual Direction

Early Easter Morning

We Are the Providence of God

The Wounds of God

On the Demonic and the Satanic

The Face of the Dying, the Face of God

Cowboys & Indians

NT Wright: Four Views

"Mary is God's Eden"

The Spirit and the Church in a Technocratic Society

The Spirit and the Woman

The Spirit and the Stranger

Questions for Frank Macchia

On Death

The Spirit and the Ignored

Jesus Cannot Be Known Second-Hand (Pt 3)

How Christ Turns Stones to Bread

"Staying Power"

Sorrow Makes Room for Thanksgiving

"Don't Get Bored with Jesus"

Crackers and Grape Juice Conversations

Jesus Cannot Be Known Second-Hand (Pt 2)

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Being Transfigured

Dogmatic Sentences

Christ and Christian Nationalism

Jesus Cannot Be Known Second-Hand

At the Dazzling Edge of Eden

Beatitudes in Paraphrase

Jesus, Our Song

"I Bear in My Body the Marks"

Finding Still Water

What Nobody Should Know

The Voice of the Lord is Upon the Waters

Herod's Gut and Mary's Womb

"Poetry is Not a Luxury"

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