Sitemap - 2022 - Speakeasy Theology

No Need of the Sun

Our Lady of the Darkness

Nature is Becoming Grace

The Prophetic, the Unconscious, and the Purpose of Dreams

Sleep, Dreamer

Advent 4: Deeper than Hell, Higher than Heaven

Light Affliction

Advent 3: Heaven is Not a Place on Earth

Systematic Theology in the Spirit of Pentecost

(2) Judgment: God's Gonna Cut You Down

Joy Alone is Credible

(1) Death: God is the Thief of the Night

Show, Don't Tell

"Your Perseverance Will Win You Your Lives": Patience and the Presence of God

Let Go and Let God

Maximus the Confessor on the Whole Mystery of Christ

Our Lady was a Milkmaid: 9 Glances

Your Love for All Saints

Christ the King

Q&A—God, Caesar, Mammon

Jacob Wrestling with Israel is Israel Wrestling with God

Beyond Deconstruction

God, Mammon, Caesar: Economics and the Way of Jesus

I Am the Door

Besting God

“And I Will Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever”: The End of the Moral Life is Now

The Dumb Ox Speaks

Risus Purus

Surely Goodness and Mercy: the Shape of the Moral Life, the Heralds of the LORD

God Makes Me Laugh

Once Again on the Reading of Scripture

How to Increase Your Faith

“You Anoint My Head With Oil/My Cup Overflows”: Excellence and Honor in the Moral Life

Life's Work

We Can Have It All

Is There Something about Mary?

The Seven Fires of the Spirit, Pt 2

Mary & the Mystery of Salvation

Joy Comes in the Mourning

Streams in the Wasteland

The Seven Fires of the Spirit

He Judged Me Faithful

“You Prepare a Table for Me”: Eating Our Way To Our Enemies’ Conversion

Miscellanies, etc.

Vessels of Wrath, Vessels of Mercy

“Thy Rod and Thy Staff”: The Grace of Discipline

"Give This Person Your Place"

Reading Scripture in the School of Christ: A Catena on the Mysteries of Interpretation

The Ties that Unbind

“Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow”: Death and All of His Friends

Ave Maria

Reading the Scriptures in the School of Christ

“You Lead Me in Paths of Righteousness”: The Limits and Freedom of The Moral Life

God against the Technicians

Special Course: Jesus and the God of the Old Testament

“Green Pastures and Still Waters, A Soul Restored”: Food for the Journey, But Not as We Will

The Unexpected Hour

"I Shall Not Want": Desire is Good, Actually

Chasing the Wind? Carried by the Spirit?

“The Lord is My Shepherd”: The Moral Life Begins with the God Who Is

For God So Loved Gomorrah

Psalm 23 & the Moral Life

Special Course: The Mystery of Christ and the Necessity of Death

We Need to Talk about Martha (and Mary)

Virtue Ethics

Mother Beholds Her Son, Son Beholds his Mother

Mary, Mother of the Man of Sorrows

The Spirit is the Difference

Theological Beatitudes

Special Course: The Sermon on the Mount and the Myth of Redemptive Violence

God is a Giddy Thing

God Does Not Want to be Everything (Pt. 3)

Jesus is the New

God Does Not Want to be Everything (Pt 2)

The Gospel According to Judas

God Does Not Want to be Everything (Pt 1)

Lord, I Am Their Shepherd

Till We Have Faces (or Actually, You Can Go Home Again)

Jesus Alone

Everything Will Be Here Waiting

Health Update

The Tomb is Not Empty

For the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion

For Christ to Come He Must be Borne

The Arrival of the Beggar-King

In the Absence, We're Re-membered (Pt 2)

In the Absence, We're Re-membered

Shame, Hiddenness, and the Pressures of the Spirit

Health Update

Prayer Request

Befriending the Cross

"True Prayer Breaks Spells"

Q&A Thread: Theology & the Arts

You Are the Devil and the Devil is Bad

Prayer & Personhood

Losing Face, Keeping Faith

Blessed are the Angry

You Do Not Need to be Afraid to be Happy

Roots and Rivers, Blessings and Woes

The Boy and the Man

Now is the Time to Do Nothing

"I Just Want to Do God's Will"

"The Lord is about to Pass By"

Holy Revelry

The Ethics of Advent (7): Christ is Not a Stranger

The Spirit of Childlikeness


A Sermon for the Feast of the Holy Name