Jan 12 • 1HR 6M

Holy Revelry

Reflections on the Readings for the Second Sunday after Epiphany

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Raw, unscripted reflections on the texts for this coming Sunday.

If we take seriously Augustine’s reading of this week’s Psalm, Origen’s and Maximus’ reading of this week’s Gospel, and Bonhoeffer’s reading of this week’s Epistle, we learn what otherwise might be lost on us: that we’re called to a “sober intoxication of the Spirit,” a sobriety which is indistinguishable from giddy, stammering delight in God’s brilliance, and that it is only as we are so delighted, in spite of whatever life throws at us, that we can begin to be for others what they need from God, flowing in the generosity of the Spirit for the sake of the community’s good.