Regarding “progressive revelation” and the “salvation history” approach and how they engender forms of supersessionism: I’m curious if you’re familiar with Douglas Campbell’s approach and, if so, what you make of it. He wants to keep the “story/narrative” piece but tell the story of Israel retrospectively from Christ (like a memoir) rather than prospectively (like a quest narrative). Do you think that’s helpful or does it still have issues?

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I rarely feel convicted. This is clearly a problem with my spirit! However, I want you to know how utterly convicted I felt by this podcast episode in a most life giving way. I realized that I have been falling into most of the “four ways” of reading scripture wrongly. I don’t know exactly how to proceed, especially on issues of women’s ordination and preaching that I approach dismissively. I really don’t know how I’m going to see that as a word from God to me. That will be up to God. But I do know that I am going to approach the text more humbly and more searchingly. I thank you massively for this conversation.

Likewise, I went on to listen to episode 6. The conversation on parenting, power, image, Toni Morrison and drinking the cup were so powerful! Absolutely revelatory.

Thank you all for letting us in on your conversations. They are life giving.

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